OKT hair implanting system based
on the 10-years surgical experiences of Choi Implanters and the results of the clinical efforts and trials of OKT for more than 3 years of hair restoration surgeries that is considered improving the hair survival rate by adjusting and fixing the length and the depth of the implanter’s needle and its core.
To be able to provide the best solution for hair restoration, we continuously do research a new technology and develop future products.
Dr. Kun Oc has been expert on hair restoration surgery for hair loss and hairline correction for esthetic purpose since 2005.
Based his long time experiences on hair restoration surgery, he have invented a new hair transplanter which remarkably makes up the existing implanters’ defects like as inaccurate depth control for hair follicles. The newly developed OKT hair implanter by Dr. Kun Oc is already patented in Korea, and it’s pending in USA and EU, and is now in the process of quality certificates like as CE and FDA which will be completed soon.

Following titles are from the abstracts that are presented at ISHRS Annual Scientific Meeting by Dr. Kun Oc introducing his clinical experiences about the hairline designing, a new method of occipital area incision and suture, and the method of transplantation with Choi implanter and a new hair implanter. Those experiences and the knowhows including almost all the process of hair transplant with implanters are outstanding and are good enough to compare to any other outstanding operation methods and their results. Because, his abstract are not only presentation materials but also the unique methods of what he is operating. That’s why those are different from others that are writing only about their theory.
2010 Boston
Poster and awarded Best Practical Tip for “Two-angle Suture Using Vector in Strip Donor Harvesting for Making the Sutural Plane Even”

"The Author’s Method to Minimize Donor Site Scar in Donor Strip Harvesting Something Different from Trichophytic Closure" (general session)
2012 Bahamas
Poster for “Golden Rules to be Observed for Enhancing the Survival Rate in Hair Transplant Using a Choi-Hair Transplanter”

Poster for “Newly Developed Hair Transplanter OKT (Optimally Kept Transplanter) that Improves the Hair Survival Rate”

Oral Presentation in General Session: “No Temporal Point Peak, 2Peak Sideburns and No Peak S-line Hairline Design that Makes the Cheekbone Look Smaller in Women”
2013 San Francisco
Video Presentation in General Session "Importance of Depth Control when Transplanting Hairs and the Best Way How to Use OKT (Optimally Kept Transplanter) which is Newly Developed Implanter."